Tired of regretting last night?

Ready to try a sassy, soulful experiment?

Tired of regretting last night?

Ready to try a sassy, soulful experiment?


Because feeling tired, hungover, and anxious isn’t sexy.
Feeling empowered, passionate, and sparkling with authentic confidence?


Now that’s sexy.


Sexy Sobriety

A coaching program designed for women who are oh-so ready to take control of their lives and unleash their authentic selves onto the world.

Sexy Sobriety is…

Taking an extended break from drinking in order to fully explore your deepest aspirations, well-being, and potential.

Navigating social events with grace, feeling completely confident without a drink in your hand.

Waking up every single morning with presence, a feeling of connection, and a sense of purpose.

Strengthening your relationships, because you now have the capacity to be present for loved ones in a whole new way.

Bouncing around with boosted energy, better digestion, clearer skin, and skinny jeans.

Actually having the courage and clarity to figure out what you want from this precious life and to chase down your dreams!

Think sobriety is scary?


I did too. But it doesn’t have to be.

Sexy Sobriety | Creative Entrepreneurs

Creativity is your currency  (not to mention, your lifeblood).

But when you’re hungover or tired from drinking, it’s like low season on ideas. You’ve got big dreams, baby, and even bigger to-do lists. Deep down you know you won’t be able to take your art or biz to the next level if you don’t put down the glass, but how will you deal with performance anxiety? How will you handle launch stress? How will you celebrate your big wins?

Sexy Sobriety will provide you with savvy techniques to help you de-stress and celebrate – without the hangovers and anxiety to slow you down the next day.


Your productivity and creativity?  Through the roof.

Sexy Sobriety | Professionals

Your time is precious  (and so are you).

You have big ambitions and you’ve worked your butt off to get where you are. You know you think more clearly and make better decisions when you steer clear of booze, but something always brings you back there. The office politics, the crazy hours, the pressure: it gets to you. It’s just so much easier to collapse on the couch with a glass of wine each night than to figure out another way to deal. How will you unwind without it, and more importantly – how will you navigate work functions?

Sexy Sobriety will provide you with techniques to help you chill out and socialise – without the headaches and tiredness interfering with your performance the next day.


Your cherished career?  Sky-rocketing to success.

Sexy Sobriety | Mothers

It’s the biggest job of your life  (you just need a little help).

Your babies are your pride and joy and you love them to bits. But, let’s face it, sometimes shit gets real. Sometimes the social obligations, the exhaustion, and the mess… get to you. And being hungover certainly doesn’t help. But how will you cope with it all, without wine?

Sexy Sobriety will provide you with techniques to help you relax and unwind – without the low energy and anxiety messing with your moods the next day.


Your time and patience?  We’re talking Mother of the Year.

Waiting inside for you…

:: Your first 90 days of membership, with day-by-day access to a full collection of powerful advice, inspiration, videos, strategies, and writing prompts. A private space online where no one will pressure you to be anything but your sexy self.

:: More than 100 hours of incredible content.

:: My secret stash of glow-inducing recipes and elixirs to keep your mouth deliciously occupied.

:: Pep talks, stories, and journals for deep reflection and getting your head straight.

:: Soul-sparking daily activities to keep you inspired, focused, entertained and on track.

:: Inspiring interviews with strong, sexy, sober women – megababes who are rocking a lifestyle that is FUN and healthy.

:: An invitation to our live coaching calls (every 2 weeks), where we can chat about your favourite or most challenging parts.

:: Kick-ass confidence, because you finally said NO and stood up for what’s best for you, 90 days in a row.

Including inspiring interviews with strong, sober women


Learn how they did it, what they discovered, and how their lives have changed for the better.


So you can do it too.

90 Days. Let's do this.

Have Questions?

“Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.”

– Brene Brown


Who am I, you ask?


I’m Bex Weller. At 39 years of age – and a Health Coach, no less – I should have known better than to down several bottles of wine per week. But drinking doesn’t work like that, does it? It’s a sneaky little monster that creeps up day-by-day until it steals your self-worth and happiness.
In March 2014, on one of ‘those’ mornings filled with regret and tears, I decided to conduct a sassy, soulful experiment. An experiment that changed my life.

This is the coaching program I wish I had during the first 90 days.

As Seen On

90 days. Let's do this.

“Bex, just wanted to say how much I am loving everything and how grateful I am for the messages you are sharing.  Thanks again for creating this amazing program.”
“Thank you so much.  I’m all registered and really looking forward to this experience.  Giving myself a HUGE high-five for tackling this during the holidays.”
“Wow, LOVE how you have laid it out, from a coaching perspective – super WOW! From a sober sexy girl – WOW! Excited to be part of this, only first day in phase one completed and I already feel supported. Thanks Bex!”
“Hi lovely Bex, I’m feeling good, empowered and a little excited! Your words have really resonated because I can relate, so thank you for inviting me on the journey of my sober life!”
“Bex, you are a true inspiration and the work you have put into and continue to do on your program is amazing. I’m on day 60 and I’m really thinking about things differently thanks to your wise advice and helpful ideas about self care.”
“I’m on day 55! Your program has been huge in changing my relationship with alcohol. It’s amazing how different I feel. Thank you for making this program. It’s so exciting being on this journey.”
“Bex, I was just thinking this morning that this was exactly what I wanted – and then the Universe presented you and your website.”
“Firstly, well freaking done on setting this up! I’m on day 3!!! Thank you.”
“It’s such an amazing program, and SUCH an important message too. Thanks heaps!”
“Sending you a huge hug, what you’ve done here is fabulous!”
“Thank you so much for creating a concept like this.”
“Thank you so much! I’ve tried to quit drinking many times before, but this program has actually made me excited about it.”
“Thanks again. You have helped me so much already and it is only Day 19 for me
– my 19th day of clear-headed, real-emotioned sobriety!”
“I was ready to let go of the wine, but without Sexy Sobriety I would have caved by now. Just knowing that I am committed to this has kept me strong. Thank you so much for creating this program! I feel so great!”
“Seriously, you are so awesome. I love this program!”
“You’re offering tremendous value! When people give up alcohol (I know in my case) you’re already saving yourself (at minimum) $50 a week.”
“So much love for you and your work. You are an amazing woman, Rebecca. Keep doing what you’re doing.”
“I just want to say that ‘meeting’ you was one of the best things that happened to me this year and I am so grateful for all you did for me, and continue to do.”
“Bex, thanks so much for your advice and for being there when I needed you most! Your program is really amazing and is just what I needed to help me. Thanks again.”
“I’m really enjoying the program over here in Toronto!  Thanks for the great program, Bex.  You’ve done a wonderful job and have such a lovely, kind voice. I’m feeling really good about the whole thing.”
“Hi Becca, I love your approach – non judgemental and inspiring. xx”
“Thank you so much. I am on day 18 & feeling fab. x”
“Just signed up, completed activity one in my journal, and feeling very positive. I know I will encounter some challenges but this exercise has been really enlightening for me.”
“Hey Bex, I’m so glad to be a part of Sexy Sobriety. It really is just what I need right now. Thanks!”
“Hi Bex, thanks so much for putting his program together! It has been a massive support so far. I’m 2 weeks in and already feeling heaps better. Love the mix of content and easy, bite sized delivery.”
“It’s a big step for me to do this and Sexy Sobriety makes it so much easier and more fun and inspiring. I feel like I am gaining rather than missing out. So thank you!”
“Hi Rebecca, Firstly a HUGE thank you! I am SO pleased that I enrolled on the Sexy Sobriety path. I am now on day 42 and feel amazing. Thank you for being such an inspiration. I am on such a wonderfully happy & exciting journey now.”
“Thanks again for everything. This website came at the perfect time for me.”
“Can’t believe I’m on Day 117! You are an angel! I couldn’t have done this without you. For years I’ve tried to cut out the cycle of drinking. My outlook is so different now. Your light shines clear across the world!”

90 days. Let's do this.

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