I remember back when I was drinking, and I’d see strong, sober women out and about. Women who were sexy, articulate, and who left the bar before things got messy.

“Boring!”, I’d declare, to anyone who’d listen.

Meanwhile, on the inside, I had quiet respect for them. Secretly I’d wonder: How does she do that? How does she have the (authentic) confidence to not care what anyone else thinks, and make healthy decisions for herself?

Clare Evans has been on an incredible journey of transformation. Seven years ago, a cancer diagnosis changed everything. In a heartbeat, she realised she wasn’t living the life filled with health and happiness that she truly craved. So she set about changing it.

Now radiant in every way, she’s helping to empower other women to do the same. Join us as we talk balance, friendship, clarity, and connection…

“I really feel that there’s a lot of self respect and self love that comes with sobriety. Ultimately, it’s almost like the opposite of the drinking, which is self destructive, and actually not a nice or kind way to be treating yourself…
That was just another form of masking those emotions – turning to alcohol. And it really doesn’t matter what your cover-up is: for some people it’s drugs, for some it’s alcohol, food, sex, whatever. Really, you’re denying what’s actually happening within you. And [when you overcome that] – the places that you can get to – it’s amazing. And your optimal health and wellbeing will result from the choices you make and the awareness that you have within yourself.”


Clare Evans is a Holistic Healer, Health & Wellbeing Coach, Spiritual Mentor, Speaker and Writer. Her qualifications include Diplomas in Reflexology and Holistic Counselling, and a Certificate in Nutritional Education Training. Centred in love, Clare passionately guides, supports and inspires gorgeous souls along the amazing journey of self-discovery, healing, growth and empowerment. 


Sexy Sobriety Interview with Clare Evans

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