A few months into sobriety, you realise – it’s all about a new kind of ‘feeling good’. The kind that lasts a hell of a lot longer than the first hour of drinking. The kind that evokes true joy, and develops into a deep self-love and respect.

When Kristen found herself relapsing from an autoimmune disease at the age of 20, she realised she had to start taking care of herself. So she set about overhauling her life, and giving herself a chance to heal. As she removed toxins from her diet, skincare, and cleaning products, alcohol was the final piece of the puzzle.

Now almost 3 years alcohol-free, Kristen lives a life of passion, creativity and purpose. Better yet, she’s helping other women to do the same.

Join us as we talk health, happiness, and redefining ‘fun’…

“[What’s the best thing about sobriety?] Definitely how my health has changed. But also – Sunday mornings! Waking up on a Sunday morning and being excited for the day, and actually having a day ahead of you. I would just waste them away in previous years. So having that excitement and passion for life.
When I completely cleaned up my life, I guess I closed the doors on a lot, but I ignited a passion within me, and I opened the doors to many new things.”


Kristen Graham is a Mind Body Soul Wellness Blogger, Vlogger and Meditation Teacher from the Gold Coast, Australia. Relapsing from an autoimmune disease at 20, she overhauled her diet and lifestyle and in doing so, found a holistic approach to life. Through her work, Kristen inspires people to live a healthy, wholesome lifestyle and to cultivate peace, calm and presence in their daily lives.


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Free Coaching Video

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