aahhh, yes, the ten day ‘hangover’. Such a great point! In the past I remember trying a few ’10-days-alcohol-free’ experiments, and each time I felt amazing.

But then there would inevitably be an event, or maybe just plain old self-sabotage, and I’d be back in the land of low moods and energy. I couldn’t have imagined how differently I’d feel after a long period of sobriety.

This was the driving force behind my desire to create Sexy Sobriety and help other women through those first 90 days. So they could see for themselves just how good it can feel, and what a difference it can make to their lives. The better moods, the ability to think more clearly. The kick-ass productivity, deeper relationships, and money saved!

For years, Lucy Bainbridge was the ultimate party girl. Like so many of us, she found herself living for the weekends, drinking, and depending on everything outside of herself to make her happy. Two years ago, Lucy began the process of completely transforming her life. Now fulfilled and happy, she’s helping to empower other people to do the same…

“YOU know, deep down, if you keep obsessing over it. That takes up so much energy. If you’re obsessing about whether or not to have a drink, whether it’s the right thing to do, annoyed at yourself for drinking again, then talking yourself back into it again… And you can never just have the one, right?
I’m uplifted now, every single day. It’s Monday morning and it’s beautiful here. Now usually, this would be a hateful time – I’d be hating myself, so much self-loathing. And just because I haven’t lost my car, or lost my boyfriend… The emotional trauma that we go on with inside, is enough. That’s enough to decide: NO. Because we’re not supposed to live like that.”


Lucy Bainbridge is a writer and Life Transformation Coach, supporting people to live their best lives after addiction and helping people live free and high on life. She helps people all over the world with her inspirational blog, videos and webinars.

Lucy Bainbridge

Sexy Sobriety Interview with Lucy Bainbridge

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