I know I often drank because I was afraid to be alone with my own thoughts. Anxiety, existential angst… call it what you will. I liked checking out on reality. I loved escaping my own head.

And I’ll be honest, those first couple of months of sobriety – and relentless reality – felt pretty intense.

But slowly, day by day, it got better. I started to understand, trust, and like myself more. I began to actually enjoy the enhanced consciousness.

Two years ago, Alana Helbig embarked on a journey of deep healing and self-discovery which led her to face her darkest fears. This journey ignited within her a passion and hunger for soulful, intuitive, heart-based living. Just a few short months ago, Alana left her career of 10 years, bought a campervan named Walter, and now spends her days exploring the vibrant external landscapes of Australia.

Join us as we dig deep and talk fear, love, truth, and intuition…

“And I have to admit that that’s one of my driving questions this year: how do I get back to the truth of who I am? Because when you’ve been taking drugs, or alcohol, or whatever your vice of choice is, for so long, you do lose who you are. And that does take a while to recover. But now it’s like an exciting journey to uncover that, and discover that. It’s no longer scary, for me…
“The fear part – that’s something I’ve been playing with a lot in the last year. Because I have been living my life a lot, driven by fear, and making decisions driven by fear. And I’ve realised now that fear is actually where my biggest growth comes from, and my biggest learnings. That’s actually where my biggest joyful moments come from, if I walk towards that.”


Alana Helbig believes in living with purpose, awakening to truth, and following soft whispers of the soul. Together with her sister, Koren, Alana is the founder of She Makes Magic, a space where a community of kind-hearted women connect and share their stories, skills and wisdom for creating a happier world.

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Sexy Sobriety Interview with Alana Helbig