Ready to change your relationship with alcohol?

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Girl, I get it.

Alcohol has always been there for you; a constant and reliable companion. A fast and easy way to let loose, celebrate, and unwind. Drinking is how you connect with others. It’s woven into every part of your life, and gosh, if we really get down to it, wrapped up in your entire identity.

But lately, you get the feeling that something’s not quite right.

Maybe, in those rare, quiet moments when you’re completely honest with yourself, you realise that drinking hasn’t felt like fun for a while. Maybe the 2-day hangovers, bloating, and dark circles under your eyes have left you feeling less than stellar.

Sure, you’ve tried drinking in moderation – and it goes really well for a while.

A few days, a few weeks…  But then, just when you’re feeling confident – just when you think you’ve got this thing under control – you have one of ‘those’ nights. Ugh.

What if you could just take a break from drinking for a while?   See what life might be like?

You know, take sobriety for a test drive.

Sweet relief where there used to be obsessing about whether or not to drink tonight. Freedom from making up rules around your drinking (that you can never seem to stick to). A blissful absence of embarrassing texts, or apologising to friends.

Just a season of exquisite and powerful freedom.

A chance to learn new strategies for socialising, dealing with emotions, and managing stress, so alcohol didn’t have such a hold over you.

Better yet, imagine you discovered that the longer you went without drinking, the more confident you felt in every situation. That every single relationship in your life blossomed from the one you first had with yourself.

Sobriety Coaching Program


Because feeling tired, hungover, and anxious isn’t sexy.


Feeling empowered, passionate, and sparkling with authentic confidence?

Now that’s sexy.


Sexy Sobriety is your ultimate Sobriety Mastermind, Toolkit and Game Plan. A membership site for women who are oh-so-ready to fully explore their deepest aspirations and wellbeing.


In 90 days, we’ll get you back to the heart of YOU.

The thing about drinking is we can forget what we even used to enjoy before wine came along. Throughout this program, you’ll rediscover what makes you tick; what lights you up. Not only that, but you’ll discover exactly how and why this self-awareness is so powerful.

Together, we’ll write a whole new story.

A story that focuses on where you’re going, not where you’ve been.

It’s time to embrace your potential and create a life you’re truly excited about.

Waking up every morning with presence, a feeling of connection, and a sense of purpose. Bouncing around in your skinny jeans with boosted energy, better digestion, clearer skin, and eyes that actually sparkle. Having the courage and clarity to figure out what you want from this precious life, and to chase down your dreams!

Because no matter what your pattern or reason for drinking may be, there’s a whole other side of life without the booze.

A side that is brighter. A side that brings out the best in you.

Are you ready to meet that side of you?

Your journey starts now. Say yes to a life you love.

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Sobriety Coaching Program

Waiting Inside for You

Members-Only Access

Including day-by-day access to a full collection of powerful advice, inspiration, videos, strategies, and writing prompts.

90 Daily Lessons

Together with soul-sparking daily inspiration emails to keep you focused, excited, and on track, every step of the way.

24/7 Access

A support system in your pocket: login from the privacy of your own home or using any mobile device, from anywhere in the world.

Journals & Inspiration

Pep talks, stories, and journals, designed for deep reflection and rediscovering what truly makes you happy.
Elixirs & Desserts
A heavenly stash of glow-inducing recipes and elixirs to keep your mouth deliciously occupied.

Powerful Confidence

Because you said YES to the life you truly want, and stood up for what’s best for you, 90 days in a row!

Our Game Plan

Phase 1: Take Stock; Take Control

You know you feel better when you don’t drink… but what will you say to people? How will you have fun? How will you manage stress, without wine?  In Month 1, we focus on building a rock solid foundation for your fresh start. We dive into who you are, your strengths, your dreams and goals, and making aligned decisions to bring your vision to life. Most importantly, we start utilising powerful tools that can help you get there – tools that will serve you today, and every single day of your future.

Phase 2: Get into the Groove

Now that we’re clear on your vision, we move into inspired action, with baby steps designed to create quantum leaps. We’ll dive deeper into stress management, the importance of self-care, and effective self-soothing techniques to help you create not only new habits of behaviour, but new beliefs around drinking, sobriety, and what you’re truly capable of.  In Month 2, you’ll start to see and explore the world in a whole new way; a way that truly brings you joy.

Phase 3: Looking Good; Looking Ahead

In Month 3, you’ll reinforce all of the daily lessons to design a life you truly love. We’ll cover the long-term healing benefits of writing, creativity, music, and affirmations, plus the limitless power of gratitude, stillness, movement, and visualisation, to have you rocking your new lifestyle well into the future. Plus, we’ll show your body more love as we explore the connection between gut health, brain health, and sobriety – empowering you to take even better care of YOU.


Special Bonus: Weekly Q&A Videos

Our bonus weekly Q&A sessions are designed to provide you with additional support throughout the program and guide you through the Coaching Video Library. You’ll find a new prompt waiting for you every week, on topics such as fears, nutrition, self-care, mindset, creativity, spirituality, and relationships. These Q&A sessions are a private place online where you can ask any burning questions, share your latest insights and celebrations, and receive ongoing connection and support. In each session we cover a powerful new topic designed to help you thrive throughout the program and beyond!

The Sexy Sobriety Coaching Library.

Access to our entire back catalogue of coaching videos and webinar recordings. Watch more than 20 hours of powerful videos on topics designed to help you dive deeper into the tips, tools and strategies provided in the program, including: ‘Self-Soothing Techniques’, ‘Navigating Emotions’, ‘Handling Flashbacks’, and ‘8 Common Pitfalls in Early Sobriety’.

Inspiring video interviews with strong, sober women.

Deep discussions with trailblazers who are having a ton of fun living alcohol-free and doing incredible things in the world. Learn what they’ve discovered, what they wish they knew back then, and how saying no to alcohol meant saying yes to infinite potential in their lives.

The Vault.

Stay on as a Member after your initial 90 days, and you’ll receive access to The Vault (plus virtual trumpets, glitter and fireworks!). With new interviews, guest posts, pep talks, recipes and videos constantly being added to The Vault, you can pop in anytime you crave connection or a boost of inspiration. A weekly love note sent to your inbox will keep you in the loop with all updates and new additions.

What Members are Saying:

“I am so so soooo blown away that I have done this! It’s like I’m walking around with a blindfold taken off. The world and surroundings are the same but I am so different and better, and more alive! This site was the beginning of my awakening. Thank you for being you, Bex. And today, forever seems to soon to have another drink!”

~ Kristy, USA

“My life continues to transform… I love how many more hours I have in a day, I love logging into Sexy Sobriety and connecting with powerful, sophisticated, totally normal women who can be honest about this addiction, I love how my beautiful husband is falling in love with me all over again.”

~ Lisa, Australia

“Sexy Sobriety has changed my life. It hasn’t been rainbows and pots of gold every day, but I am SO happy and proud that I have stuck with this program! I’m definitely a different, BETTER, person today than who I was 30 days ago! You are helping so many of us women who thought we couldn’t get through sobriety. Truly a game changer!”

~ Clara, USA

“I’m so pleased to have found your fantastic program! It is so professional, compassionate, and real. I appreciated you not pushing participation, instead allowing people to engage in their own way. Additionally, your interviewing style of bringing out the absolute best in your interviewee by asking concise questions, little summarisation (you let their words remain theirs! I love this!), and focusing genuinely on the interviewee is exquisite. Thank you!”

~ Samantha, UK

“Bex, I can’t imagine doing this without your tools and guidance, other members’ insights and encouragement, or the daily emails. I still remember exactly how utterly hopeless and desperate I felt when I signed up. How impossible it felt. I have so much more emotional control, more joy, peace and hope now. You are an absolute light! To the Vault and to continued sobriety! From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”

~ Denise, Canada

“Bex, from the bottom of my heart I want to say thank you. You have changed my life… I’d attempted to get help years ago, but nothing spoke to me. I was so sick of that lifestyle. I knew I was well past the point in my life where I should have drawn a line in the sand, but I wasn’t able to until I found your website. You had first hand knowledge, understood how I felt, and could explain the reasons why… I finally have my life back, most importantly I have my freedom, and you have given that to me.”

~ Ava, France


I don’t drink that often anymore, but when I do I suffer. Will this help me?

You betcha’.

Our mission is to help you feel empowered, happy and confident in your choice not to drink. Sexy Sobriety provides insights (+ tons of bonuses) that are not just lessons in sobriety, but lessons in life. Things like how to find balance, how to manage emotions in a healthy way, and how to care for yourself. Best of all, how to work out what you want from this precious life and chase down your dreams!

How long does my membership last?

Membership to Sexy Sobriety is a recurring monthly subscription, which you’re free to cancel at any time.

But with tons of fresh new content, resources, and ongoing support constantly being added to The Vault, we’ll be sad to see you go! To deactivate your subscription so that your membership does NOT auto-renew, simply log-in and visit My Account in the menu. There, with one click, you can cancel your subscription to Sexy Sobriety. You’ll still receive full access to the program for the remaining days in your current subscription period.

What if I only want to do 30 days? 90 days seems like a long time!

If you only want to do 30 days, we’re totally down with that!

You’re free to cancel your monthly membership at any time. While we encourage you to commit to 90 days, we’re simply happy to see you take charge and take on the challenge!

Will I have fun?


You’re about to discover just how awesome you are without any false Dutch Courage. Your confidence will soar, your productivity will skyrocket. Trust me, life is a whole lot more fun when you’re getting stuff done the way you really want to. This program was designed to build a community of exceptional, sassy and smart women who are all in this together.

What about my stress levels?

Sexy Sobriety is packed full of activities to help you de-stress in healthy ways, designed to help keep you through those hours when you may have otherwise been tempted to reach for a bottle of wine (the witching hour!).

Not only will you be well occupied, you’ll also learn new techniques to reduce your stress levels naturally – techniques that will serve you well into the future.

What do i tell people?

When asked, you can tell them that you’re not drinking because you feel better that way.

You can tell them that you’re doing a 90 day sexy challenge and this is one of the important details. Or maybe you invite them to join you in this new, mind-blowing lifestyle without wine. You’ll devise an entire game plan for dealing with challenging situations around alcohol and a list of social activities that are fun and sober friendly. I mean, no one learns trapeze while they’re drunk, right? That would be bad.

How is the program delivered?

Sexy Sobriety is your ultimate Sobriety Mastermind, Toolkit and Game Plan.

You’ll receive 90 lessons over 90 days, delivered one day at a time to avoid overwhelm. The lessons are delivered via a mix of multi-media, to keep things fun and interesting, and to make it feel like the adventure it is! Think: inspiring interviews to watch, pep-talks to listen to, journals to download, recipes to create. Simple, fun activities taking up less than an hour of your day – while at the same time inspiring monumental changes. Everything is housed within our Membership Site. You’ll receive access to Day 1 instantly (so you can get started right away!), and a daily inspirational email each day, with a link to log-in and complete each new day’s activity. You can log-in from your computer, smart phone, or tablet, from anywhere in the world.

How do the bonus Q&A Sessions work?

Our bonus weekly Q&A sessions are designed to provide you with additional support and guide you through the coaching video library on your journey throughout the program.

You’ll find a new prompt waiting for you every week. You’re so welcome to come ask questions, share your latest insights and celebrations, and offer encouragement and support to other members from around the world in any comments field throughout the Q&A Sessions, Coaching Video Library,  or program.

Will anyone know that I’ve signed up?

Not if you don’t want them to.

After you purchase your membership, we’ll send a confirmation to the email address you choose at registration. You’ll also be immediately invited to log-in and create your own username, and can use an alias if you like. There are deliciously deep comments threads happening inside the program and you’re welcome to join in the conversation, or just read along.

I’m excited to register today but I’m not sure if I’m ready to start. Can I join now and start later?

Your membership and daily activities begin from the moment you register.

There’s never a ‘perfect’ time to start, right? But when you pick a date and commit to it wholeheartedly, something magical happens. Even more so when you’re feeling inspired and excited to begin your new adventure (like today)! So take a deep breath and join us, beauty. We’ll help you through all the scary stuff. Weeks from now, you’ll look back and be SO glad you started today.

What's your refund policy?

In order to continue to provide highly valuable content for a very reasonable price, we do not offer refunds (see our full T&Cs here).

We encourage you to do the sexy, sober thing, ladylove, and not give up partway through. You can do it! Your liver (and life) will thank you.

What if I need more immediate help?

Please note that this program is not a replacement for individual treatment or professional help.

If you, or someone you know, needs more immediate or comprehensive support or treatment to reduce your alcohol intake, please reach out to your Doctor or Health Care Professional, or your local community health service. There are many free helplines and treatment options available in Australia, such as: Reach Out, Counselling Online, AA Australia, SMART Recovery and Lifeline.  You might also like to hire yourself a one-on-one coach, counsellor, or therapist.  There’s nothing un-sexy about asking for a little extra help when you need it, beautiful. x

Your journey starts now. Say yes to a life you love.

Sexy Sobriety Rebecca Weller

If we haven’t yet met,
Hi, I’m Bex Weller.

Author of the international bestseller, A Happier Hour, I’m deeply passionate about women’s wellness and empowerment.

At 39 years of age – and a Health Coach, no less – I should’ve known better than to down several bottles of wine per week. But drinking doesn’t work like that, does it? It’s a sneaky little monster that creeps up day-by-day until it completely destroys all self-worth and happiness.

Back then, I wasn’t sure if I ‘had a problem’, or if I even fit any of the typical stereotypes. But what I did know was that I was sick of the anxiety, shame and nausea, and the hold alcohol had over me. I wanted to feel confidence that was authentically me, not poured from a bottle. I wanted to experience deeper connections and self-worth; more space, more love, more potential.

In March 2014, on one of ‘those’ mornings filled with regret and tears, I decided to conduct a powerful experiment. An experiment that changed my life.


This is the coaching program I wish I’d had during those first 90 days.

Sexy Sobriety Membership

Monthly Subscription


Per Month


  • Access to the 90-Day Program.
  •  Bonus Weekly Q&A Videos.
  •  Entire Coaching Video Library.
  •  Memberships auto-renew, so you can stay as long as you like.
  •  Easy 1-click cancellation. Cancel anytime.
  •  Join us from anywhere in the world.
  •  Your program begins instantly!

1 Year Access


One Time Payment


  •  Access to the 90-Day Program.
  •  Bonus Weekly Q&A Videos.
  •  Entire Coaching Video Library.
  •  One-time payment
  •  Membership for a full year, to really get your sobriety game strong!
  •  Join us from anywhere in the world.
  •  Your program begins instantly!

Let me share with you a little secret I wish I knew years ago:


You don’t have to ‘have a problem’ to stop drinking.  You don’t have to be ready to stop drinking forever.  Your story doesn’t have to be like anyone else’s.

The only question that really matters is: does drinking make you happy?

Deep down, does it fill you with joy, or does it feel like it’s taking more away from your life than it’s giving? If you’re completely honest with yourself, do you feel like alcohol is impacting your relationships, self-worth, career, creativity, or health in a negative way?

What if one little experiment had the power to not only change your relationship with alcohol – but to upgrade your entire life?

Stop waiting. Choose now.

Take my hand and let’s do this together.

Sobriety Coaching Program

Your journey starts now. Say yes to a life you love.

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