September 2018

It still doesn’t feel real. This week Dom and I celebrated our 5th anniversary of leaving the corporate world – PLUS reaching more than 35,000 beautiful readers around the world through our book!

Whaaaat!  35,000 books!!

Five years ago, both of these milestones would have been as mind-blowing a concept to me as they are now… and yet, here we are.

Every single day of these past 5 years has challenged us to learn and grow in more ways than I ever dreamed possible. Working for ourselves has been all at once exciting, awe-inspiring, and utterly terrifying. I remember feeling so overwhelmed and frustrated whenever I couldn’t figure out why certain things didn’t work or what the next step should be.

It’s only when I look back now that I can see why I needed to go through all of those experiences. The failures and setbacks were just as crucial to my personal development as the successes.

I couldn’t help people the way I am now as the person I was 5 years ago.

It was all necessary; every bit of it.

My point?  Good things (like growth, change, and sobriety), they all take time, hon.

I know. It’s so tempting to want to fast-forward – to skip over all the messy, painful parts and get to the good stuff.

But it’s this slow, beautiful journey that changes us on the deepest level.

Every challenging moment – every single time we feel like we’re moving two steps forward and one step back – we’re learning, growing, and becoming all we are meant to be.

Don’t give up before the magic happens. I believe in you. x


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