Today I celebrate 4 years alcohol-free. Four whole years! 🎉

And once again, it took me a while to get my head around this milestone, let alone find the words to share it. Because honestly, how do you sum up such a crazy, messy, beautiful journey – a path that has changed your very soul?
It blows my mind to think of how different life is now. Four years ago, I felt utterly lost, beyond broken, and just so freakin’ exhausted by the sick cycle I couldn’t seem to claw my way out of. I was terrified – of socialising sober, of never having fun (EVER again!), but most of all – of myself.
I knew that embarking on a ‘sobriety experiment’ would challenge me beyond belief; what I didn’t know is that it had the power to change EVERYTHING. That I’d finally figure out who I really am, what makes me tick, and what lights me up. That I’d experience the kind of authentic confidence that comes from keeping promises and being able to rely on and trust myself. And best of all, that I’d experience true clarity around the type of life that fills me with joy — and have no hesitations in going after it.
It’s filled my heart to bursting to realise dreams I never thought I’d achieve – embracing deeper intimacy in my relationships, writing and publishing my first book (and receiving messages of love from thousands of beautiful readers); creating #SexySobriety and welcoming and supporting hundreds of incredible members from around the world; a ton of speaking events, and podcast, video and editorial interviews (and even a television story!) sharing the message of wellness and empowerment.

But what’s changed most is my very soul. I’ve never felt more clear, balanced, confident, peaceful, joyful, or at home in my own skin.
And I just want to reach back and hug that terrified, lost soul from 4 years ago and tell her it’s all going to be okay. That she isn’t broken.
And that far from being the ending she thinks it is, this is actually just the beginning. ❤️x

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