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What if the very thing you believed to be your biggest flaw and weakness, actually turned out to be your biggest gift?

When Rebecca Weller’s pounding, dehydrated head woke her at 3am, yet again, she stared at the ceiling, wondering why the hell she kept doing this to herself. At 39 years of age – and a Health Coach, no less – she knew better than to down several bottles of wine per week.  Her increasingly dysfunctional relationship with alcohol had to stop, but after decades of social drinking, she was terrified of what that might mean. How could she live a joyful existence, without alcohol? How would she relax, socialise, or celebrate – without wine? In sheer frustration, on a morning filled with regret and tears, she embarks on a 3-month sobriety experiment that becomes a quest for self-discovery, and ultimately, transforms her entire world.   A Happier Hour is a heartfelt, moving, and inspiring true story for anyone who has ever had to give up something they loved in order to get what they truly wanted.  

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“WOW! A MUST read!” “I read (devoured) this book in a day.” “I couldn’t put it down.” “Courageous, honest and deeply inspiring.” “Eye opening, motivating, and REAL!” “Phenomenal. I loved every page.” “Read it and then pass it on to your friends, sisters and daughters.”


Rebecca Weller is a Health and Life Coach, Author and Speaker. Named ‘one of Perth’s leading Health-preneurs’ by The Sunday Times Magazine, Rebecca helps women from around the world to get their sparkle back and create a life they love.  Creator of, she leads one-on-one and group coaching programs, and hosts live events.

Author of the bestselling sobriety memoir, A Happier Hour; the creativity memoir, Up All Day; and her newest book, Chameleon: Confessions of a Former People-Pleaser; Rebecca writes about love, life, and the strength and potential of the human spirit.

Her work has been featured by the Telstra Business Awards, The Australian, The Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, Fast Company, Good Health Magazine, Marie Claire Australia, and Elle Quebec. 

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