Will I have any fun?

Absolutely! You’re about to discover just how awesome you are without any false Dutch Courage. Your confidence will soar, your productivity will skyrocket. Trust me, life is a whole lot more fun when you’re getting stuff done the way you really want to. This program was designed to build a community of exceptional, fun, sassy and smart babes who are all in this together – what could be more fun than that?

What about my stress levels?

Sexy Sobriety is packed full of activities to help you de-stress in healthy ways, designed to help keep you through those hours when you may have otherwise been tempted to reach for a bottle of wine (the witching hour!). Not only will you be well occupied, you’ll also learn new techniques to reduce your stress levels naturally – techniques that will serve you well into the future.

What do I tell people?

When asked, you can tell them that you’re not drinking because you feel better that way. You can tell them that you’re doing a 90 day sexy challenge and this is one of the important details. Or maybe you invite them to join you in this new, mind-blowing lifestyle without wine. You’ll devise an entire game plan for dealing with challenging situations around alcohol and a list of social activities that are fun and sober friendly. I mean, no one learns trapeze while they’re drunk, right? That would be bad.

How is the program delivered?

Think of this as your ultimate Sobriety Mastermind, Toolkit and Game Plan. You’ll receive 90 lessons in 90 days, delivered one day at a time to avoid overwhelm. The lessons are delivered via a mix of multi-media, to keep things fun and interesting, and to make it feel like the adventure it is! Think: inspiring interviews to watch, pep-talks to listen to, journals to download, recipes to create. Simple, fun activities taking up less than an hour of your day – while at the same time inspiring monumental changes. Everything is housed within our Membership Site. You’ll receive access to Day 1 instantly (so you can get started right away!), and a daily inspirational email each day, with a link to log-in and complete each new day’s activity. You can log-in from your computer, smart phone, or tablet, from anywhere in the world.

What happens when I reach 90 days?

After your initial 90 days, as an ongoing member you’ll receive access to The Vault (plus virtual trumpets, glitter and freakin’ fireworks)! New interviews, guest posts, pep talks, recipes and live coaching call webinars are constantly being added to The Vault, so you can pop in any time you need a confidence boost, or to get your head straight. A weekly love note will be sent straight to your inbox to keep you in the loop with all updates and new additions.

How long does my membership last?

Membership to Sexy Sobriety is via a recurring monthly subscription (quarterly for members who joined before February 1st 2020), which you’re free to cancel at any time. But with tons of fresh new content, resources, and ongoing support constantly being added to The Vault, we’ll be sad to see you go! To deactivate your subscription so that your membership does NOT auto-renew, simply log-in and visit My Account in the menu. There, with one click, you can cancel your subscription to Sexy Sobriety. You’ll still receive full access to the program for the remaining days in your current subscription period.

How do the bonus Q&A Videos work?

Our bonus weekly Q&A Videos are designed to provide you with additional support and guide you through the coaching video library on your journey throughout the program. You’ll find a new prompt waiting for you every week. You’re so welcome to come ask questions, share your latest insights and celebrations, and offer encouragement and support to other members from around the world in any comments field throughout the Q&A Videos, Coaching Video Library, or program.

Do you offer any refunds?

Unfortunately, no. In order to continue to provide highly valuable content for a very reasonable price, we do not offer refunds (see our full T&Cs here).  We encourage you to do the sexy, sober thing, ladylove, and not give up partway through. You can do it! Your liver (and life) will thank you.

What if I only want to do 30 days? 90 days seems like a long time!

If you only want to do 30 days, we’re totally down with that! You’re free to cancel your monthly membership at any time. While we encourage you to commit to 90 days, we’re simply happy to see you take charge and take on the challenge!

Will anyone know that I’ve signed up?

Not if you don’t want them to. After you purchase your membership, we’ll send a confirmation to the email address you choose at registration. You’ll also be immediately invited to log-in and create your own username, and can use an alias if you like. There are deliciously deep comment threads happening inside the program and you’re welcome to join in the conversation, or just read along.

I don’t drink that often anymore, but when I do I suffer. Will this help me?

You betcha’. Our mission is to help you feel empowered, happy and confident in your choice not to drink. Sexy Sobriety provides insights (+ tons of bonuses) that are not just lessons in sobriety, but lessons in life. Things like how to find balance, how to manage emotions in a healthy way, and how to care for yourself. Best of all, how to work out what you want from this precious life and how to chase down your dreams!

I’m excited to register today but I’m not sure if I’m ready to start. Can I join now and start later?

Your membership and daily activities begin from the moment you register. There’s never a ‘perfect’ time to start, right? But when you pick a date and commit to it wholeheartedly, something magical happens. Even more so when you’re feeling inspired and excited to begin your new adventure (like today)! So take a deep breath and join us, beauty. We’ll help you through all the scary stuff. Weeks from now, you’ll look back and be SO glad you started today.

Further info?

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Have a burning question that hasn’t been answered here?  Contact our friendly support team on hello@sexysobriety.com.au

Important Note:

Please note that this program is in no way a replacement for individual treatment or professional help. If you, or someone you know, needs more immediate or comprehensive support or treatment to reduce your alcohol intake, please reach out to your Doctor or Health Care Professional, or your local community health service. There are many free helplines and treatment options available in Australia, including: Reach Out, Counselling Online, AA Australia, SMART Recovery and Lifeline.  You might also like to hire yourself a one-on-one coach, counsellor, or therapist.  There’s nothing un-sexy about asking for a little extra help when you need it.

Your journey starts now. Say yes to a life you love.

Sexy Sobriety is closing after 9 amazing years!

Sexy Sobriety is closing after 9 amazing years!

Thank you so much for your support.

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