You know when you make up your mind to do something? Say it’s training for a marathon. You decide that every morning you will go running, no matter what. No matter if it’s raining, or if you’re tired. No matter what.

What happens? You just get up and go, right? You’ve removed all that internal conflict every morning when your alarm goes off. All those ‘but maybe I shouldn’t go today’; ‘but if I don’t go, I’ll feel guilty all day’ thoughts – all gone. You just go. And all that head space and energy is freed up to just get on with your day, and your life.

The same is true for sobriety.

One peek at Alice Nicholls’ website and you’ll see this passionate soulpreneur is building an incredible health biz that touches the lives of so many. All the more so since she embraced sobriety over a year ago.

Join us as we talk fear-busting, friendship, growth, and rocking our sweet potential…

“When I stopped drinking – and I was working for myself then, so I had shifted to something I was passionate about, anyway – but I felt like my mental capacity was on steroids.
The more time shifted between my head being filled with hungover, fog, sick, let’s just get through another day, another week, another try, let’s try, let’s keep trying – all that pressure and that weight – all gone.  It was like… if you picture your life and your health and your wealth and your happiness like a pie chart, and picture half of its capacity being the alcohol part. And then take that away. And then shift the rest of it so that you can actually live. It was like doubling my life.”


Alice Nicholls is a student of Nutritional Medicine, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Life Transformation Coach and creative behind The Whole Daily, an authentic health and wellbeing website. Alice was named ‘One of our favourite wellness bloggers and authors’ by I Quit Sugar, ‘Our daily go-to source of all things recipes, words of wisdom’ by Lorna Jane, and has contributed to The Kind Life with Alicia Silverstone and I Quit Sugar, as well as being seen on Network 10.  

Find Alice at  The Whole Daily :: Facebook :: Twitter :: Instagram

Alice Nicholls

Sexy Sobriety Interview with Alice Nicholls

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