Are you willing to get to know yourself sober?

When a personal mentor asked Carla this question, it changed everything.

Like so many of us, Carla struggled at first. She knew that alcohol and sugar were holding her back from the life she truly craved, but, at the same time, she was afraid to live without them.

Carla’s original intention to remove them for just 30 days turned out to be one of the best decisions of her life. Now empowered and free, she lives a life of soulful clarity and authenticity. Better yet, as a certified Transformational Coach, she’s helping other women to do the same…

“I was tired of being on a hamster wheel of very repetitive patterns, and I just thought: you know what, I’m tired of this and I want new things.
Because it uses up so much energy. When you’re consumed with that – I used up so much mental energy and physical energy just being in that space. Because I was always either not feeling well from drinking or eating, or I was trying to get off drinking and eating… And so actually having that removed, I have so much more energy and so much more to give. You’re almost automatically filling the well just by eliminating that, and editing your life.”


Carla Holden is a certified Transformational Coach and founder of Her Business Boutique. She helps women build courageously happy lives and businesses using a combination of spiritual and practical tools. Access your free trainings here.

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Carla Holden

Sexy Sobriety Interview - Carla Holden

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