I could have chatted with Carly Benson for hours. Like so many of us, hers is not a dramatic story of arrests, broken homes or massive debt. It’s simply the story of a woman wanting something better for herself. Something more meaningful than endlessly chasing the superficial ‘fun’, that was slowly corroding her soul.

When Carly stopped drinking 7 years ago, her life slowly and completely transformed. She now lives a life of empowered clarity and connection. Better yet, as a coach, writer and speaker, she’s helping other women to do the same.

Join us as we talk breaking points, self-love, the beauty of change, and the blessing of feeling the full spectrum of human emotions…

“I look at pictures of me from back in that time and I’m like: who IS that person? I feel like I wasn’t even really living. Now I’m just very present. I’m in the moment. Like, I’m here. I hear you.
And when I go out, I’m making eye contact, and I’m actually listening. I’m not thinking about: well what bar are we going to next, or hey let’s go get shots, or what did you say? I’m too drunk to remember
Life is just a whole new level when you practice sobriety. And it takes a lot of guts. You know, I talk to a lot of people and I tell them: it’s not for the faint of heart. But if it’s something that you do, you can do anything.”


As an avid traveler, yogi and confessed self-help junkie, Carly Benson writes about her adventures in life and sobriety on Miracles Are Brewing, where she offers inspirational concepts for enlightenment, recovery, and having a miracle mindset. 

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Carly Benson

Sexy Sobriety Interview with Carly Benson

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