I remember reading something a couple of years ago that really struck me. It said that in every moment, we get to choose love or suffering.

I kept choosing suffering. That was just my default mode.

I didn’t realise it at the time, of course. Despite the heartache that drinking often caused me, I just truly didn’t believe that sobriety would ever be a better option.

And at first, it wasn’t. It was really freakin’ hard. It was confronting and frustrating and time consuming.

But once I got through those first few months, of forging a new path and feeling utterly vulnerable, I began to rise. Like Carolan Deacon, I became better and stronger than I was before…

“And I wrote this in one of my songs: like a warrior rising from the ashes. You’re strong and empowered, and you’re free. When you’re addicted to anything – whatever that is – you’re not strong. And that’s a portal for other stuff to come in that you don’t want. You first have to lay those addictions to rest.”

When Carolan stopped drinking 12 years ago, her life completely transformed. She now lives a life of soulful clarity and authenticity. Better yet, as a dynamic performer, coach, writer and speaker, she’s helping other women to do the same.

Join us as we talk self-love, truth, connection, and rocking our sweet potential…

“The best thing about sobriety is: I feel whole. And to put it in just a little snippet of joy infusion, I still relish being able to wake up without a hangover… I love the delicious feeling of right before I fall asleep every night. For twelve years I’ve been loving it! There’s no havoc in my head… it’s such a beautiful, simple thing. It’s a funny thing to mention but I still cherish that.
And in the big picture it’s the strength, the freedom… and the ability to LIVE like I was meant to live.”


Carolan Deacon is The Illuminating Songstress and the creator of True Voice Coalition, a rich and powerful program guiding women from around the world in finding their true voice and living in the freedom of their Truth. Her concerts are enjoyed around the country and her music and teachings can be found at CarolanDeacon.com.

Find Carolan at Carolan Deacon :: Google+ :: YouTube :: Twitter :: iTunes

Carolan Deacon

Sexy Sobriety Interview with Carolan Deacon

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