Do you ever feel like you drink just because it’s expected of you?  Just to fit in?

I sure did. My history and reputation as a party girl was well established, and to be honest, I didn’t really know who I was if I wasn’t that girl.

And oh, trust me, the bitter irony wasn’t lost on me that I had spent so much time and energy hiding how much I was drinking over the years… only to find myself, in early sobriety, hiding the fact that I wasn’t drinking!


One peek at Cordelia’s travel and adventure photos and you’ll see that this self-proclaimed ‘magical badass and globetrotting goddess’ has an magical grip on life.

Her story had me spellbound.

From what appeared to be a glamorous lifestyle as a journalist in London, to her “what the fuck am I doing with my life, I’m so unhappy!” breaking point that changed everything, Cordelia Francesca Brabbs completely overhauled her life.

Join us as we dive deep into the heart of energy, money, travel, freedom, adventure, synchronicity, intuition, and truly finding yourself…

“I like to break the rules about how we should we live…
And it is rebellious. There’s this whole thing: ‘ooh, drinking [and drugs] are so rebellious’, you know, all those things we’re told as a teenager… But actually they’re not rebellious. They’re actually conforming to the norm, and giving away your power, your magic and your light.
And I think, the whole [social] conditioning around drinking alcohol is a very good way of keeping people shut down; of keeping people in a place where they’re never going to get fully into their power. And yeah, it is kind of a control thing. So you’re really just telling that to go f*ck itself, and living life your own way and on your own terms…”


Cordelia Francesca Brabbs is a magical badass + globetrotting goddess, who helps women remember their magic, reclaim their power and stop settling for less than their biggest dreams and desires. She believes going sober 12 years ago is the reason she now has her freedom lifestyle, running her business from amazing places around the world – and inviting her clients to join here there in Paradise retreats.   

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Sexy Sobriety Interview with Cordelia Francesca Brabbs

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