When Farideh stopped drinking ten years ago, she found it really challenging. As a Musician, she was playing in bars every night, so alcohol was everywhere. Not to mention the very common belief held amongst artists that creative genius stems from the bottle.

As someone who loves to write, I could completely relate. I mean, all writers drink, don’t they?

When I finally had the courage to be honest with myself, I removed one more excuse standing in the way of my sobriety and happiness. Because yes, you may be able to tap into what feels like a greater creative pool, but is the work of quality? Does it have the clarity you hoped for? Is it as powerful?

Eventually Farideh realised that most of all, she wanted to be the kind of person who could have fun sober, and be even more creative than before.

“If you continue to make decisions that are what’s right for you in your heart, then you can start creating the life that you always wanted. Just with small decisions, one at a time.”

Join us as we talk creativity, art, health, friendships, business, and devising a ton of new ideas for fun…

“But mostly, to be honest with you, I love my business, and my business to me is just super fun. And I write songs.

And what you saw there on my website was, I write songs about business, and people love them and they’re super funny, and that’s partly because I’ve become the kind of person who can do sober what I couldn’t have done before. So now I can be that open, and that silly… and not feel weird about it, or need a drink to make it happen… Authentic playfulness, no alcohol needed.”


Farideh Ceaser is a Musician turned Launch Strategist. After 15 years on the road touring as a musician, Farideh switched gears and now helps entrepreneurs launch their big ideas and online courses.

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Farideh Ceaser

Farideh Ceaser

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