It’s funny. Like Hanna, I always believed drinking brought me closer to people. Every social event involves drinking, so it makes sense, right?

But, if I’m honest, back when I socialised with a drink in my hand, there was always part of my mind that was preoccupied with thoughts of booze.

Did I bring enough wine? Is it too soon to get another drink? Will anyone notice if I pour another? What happens if we run out? Will we go to another bar? Do I have wine at home?

And more than that, the alcohol acted as a kind of ‘glass wall’ between me and my loved ones. Because, let’s face it, when you’ve both a little fuzzy, you’re not really connecting on a deep level.

The next day was often filled with anxiety and paranoia about things I may have said and whether I might have upset anyone… It just didn’t add up to the meaningful conversations or relationships I truly craved.

Sobriety transforms relationships.

Hanna Bier is wise and insightful beyond her years. It was such a pleasure hearing about her journey to sobriety and the things she’s learnt about herself and relationships along the way…


“It was like everything fell apart only to fall back together again… I [had] spent so much energy on people who didn’t even love me, or like me. And I felt so bad when I realised that. And now I’m spending more energy and time connecting with the people that I have… and this is what I feed now. I don’t feed the toxic relationships anymore.”


Hanna Bier is a Life Coach, a writer, a shaker, a dreamer, a maker, a lost soul, a hopeful fanatic and a dragon enthusiast. “I find steadiness in restlessness. I find home in being on the road. I commit to questions over answers. I commit to living an inspired life. I commit to being myself. I call myself a quitter of mediocrity and a devotee to the raw and truthful way of living.” 

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Sexy Sobriety Interview with Hanna Bier

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