I love this. When I was trying (and failing) to moderate my drinking, I’d go around and around in my (hungover) head, thinking:

Well, it’s not like I’m a fall-down-in-the-gutter drunk, or anything. Surely I don’t have to give it up completely?

Turns out I was asking the wrong question. The right one – the one that shifted everything – was:

What was I giving up by continuing to drink?

From ‘work hard, play hard’ as the Director of a tech startup in Silicon Valley, to Life Coach and Spiritual Teacher, Holly’s story held me spellbound. By all accounts, with career success and a busy social life, she should have been happy. But when she looked up one fateful morning 2 years ago and saw only a painful existence, she set about changing it. She didn’t just stop drinking, she completely upgraded her life.

Holly now lives a life of soulful peace and clarity. Better yet, she’s helping other women to do the same.
Join us as we talk healing, self-confidence, spirituality, and the pursuit of happiness…

“The work that you do on yourself to be able to rise above something like this, it instills this amount of self confidence in you. It’s not just about not having alcohol, it’s that, actually, you’ve done all of this work, so you show up someplace, and you don’t need to hide behind alcohol. And you don’t need alcohol to make you into the person that’s ‘fun’. You are just naturally exciting, and interesting, on your own merit.”


Holly Whitaker is the founder of Hip Sobriety, a lifestyle website dedicated to empower you around your relationship with alcohol and addiction, and to help you navigate sobriety in a modern and holistic way. She’s a Life Coach, Kundalini and Vinyasa Yoga instructor, writer, and speaker, and creator of Hip Sobriety School – a virtual course to DIY sobriety. Her obsessions include Italy, meditation, non-fiction literature, yoga, photography, studying A Course In Miracles, inspiring people to be their crazy awesome selves, and ending addiction as we know it.

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