No sooner had we recorded this interview with one of Sexy Sobriety‘s very first Members, Maya Henry, than I came across this passage in Brené Brown’s new book, Rising Strong:
“We can’t selectively numb emotions – when we numb the dark, we also numb the light. When ‘taking the edge off’ with a couple of glasses of red wine becomes a routine, our experiences of joy and love and trust will become duller, too. With less positive emotion in our lives, we are drawn to numbing. It’s a vicious cycle…”
Aahhh, sing it, sisters!

One of the great ironies of drinking is that it can seem like a convenient way to numb ourselves to what we perceive as ‘negative’ emotions. What we forget is that in doing so, we also numb ourselves to feeling the full spectrum of human emotion, and therefore never feel truly alive.

Two years ago, Maya knew in her heart that she was ready for change. Her journey of self-discovery led her to Sexy Sobriety and then to enlisting the support of a health coach.

“I really did feel that my sobriety, once I committed to it, was that black and white for me. I didn’t want to live in that grey area anymore… I didn’t want to have that part of me that was always thinking, maybe this time it’ll be different… It just wasn’t worth it anymore.”

Maya’s is a story of not only finding herself, but following her heart into a new career that truly lights her up. Now happy and healthy, she devotes her days to helping other women find more peace in their daily lives.

Join us as we talk courage, clarity, connection, and discovering the gifts that had been buried there all along…

“Being sober allowed me to explore my passions. I kinda’ started that journey while I was still drinking, but it was like looking at it through the glass bottle. I could just never find enough confidence to take any major leaps, because I didn’t have the confidence in myself.

When I stopped drinking, I gained so much self-confidence and all this self-awareness, that I looked around and said, ‘I’ve been asking all these people to tell me what to do. But I’m the only one who really knows.’ So I actually quit my job, took some time off, and started a meal planning business…”


Maya Henry is the creator of Meals with Maya, where she helps busy moms who are stressed out about dinner-time to plan meals their whole family will love, so they can enjoy family meal time again.

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