If you were to ask me which part of sobriety I love the most, I’d tell you it’s the absolute, delicious, blissful freedom.

Freedom from counting drinks. Freedom from giving myself ‘those lectures’ about not making an idiot of myself this time. Freedom from saying stupid things I regret. Freedom from believing I can only connect with people when I have a drink in my hand. Freedom from searching for late-night cabs in the freezing cold, or worrying about how to get home. Freedom from the morning-after cocktail of tiredness, nausea, anxiety and paranoia.

I’m not saying it was always easy. For the first few months especially, whenever I let myself get hungry, tired, or overworked – my inner 3-year-old threw a tantrum, demanding wine, wine, WINE!

But I am saying it gets so much easier. And that the freedom makes it SO incredibly worth it.
You might remember Bianca MacLachlan from her beautiful guest story in The Vault.  Well, in this interview, she’s back on her 18-month soberversary – happier and healthier than ever – to share with us what she’s learnt on this incredible journey.

Like so many of us, Bianca once had a ton of interests, but not the time or capacity to enjoy them.  Between drinking with friends, and feeling hungover, alcohol seemed to take up every minute of the day.  But as she began her studies to become a Health Coach, she couldn’t ignore her intuition any longer.

“I just started to have this voice in the back of my head that said: You will never become successful in this field of work, if you don’t stop drinking.

Bianca has since channeled her life lessons into a passion for helping others. Hers is a story of self-discovery, uncovering who she really is, and finding her true purpose.  Join us as we talk personal development, friendship evolution, and the unique challenges of sobriety in a small mining town…

“Because drinking, it just holds you in this vicious cycle. Because you’re drinking two, three, however many days per week. Then you’re hungover, then you go to work, then you come home, then you drink some more, then you’re hungover…. And it’s so hard to evolve or grow or develop yourself personally, when that’s all that you’re doing.

So the second you can remove that out of your life, suddenly you’re like: oh my God, there’s this whole world, and this whole life, and there’s so much I can do!…  It’s this overwhelming freedom. There’s nothing holding me back anymore.“


Bianca MacLachlan is a certified holistic health coach, personal trainer, devoted yoga teacher and avid blogger. She mentors women who are feeling the call to change their unhealthy lifestyle by moving them out of the darkness and into the bright light of their own true vitality.

Find Bianca at Vitality Health Coaching :: Instagram :: Twitter




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