Back when I socialised with a drink in my hand, there was always part of my mind that was preoccupied with thoughts of booze.

Did I bring enough wine? Is it too soon to get another drink? How much is left in that bottle? Will anyone notice if I pour another?

Even more warped, I believed I could only socialise if I was drinking.

Like Jane, I was surprised to find that, rather than taking away from my relationships, sobriety only deepened them.

“I became more interested in other people. That was really interesting for me. And I remember the first time I actually sat and had a cup of coffee with someone and I wasn’t really caught up in: how long am I going to be here for? What am I going to say when she finishes speaking because it’s far more important that I speak. I actually managed to listen to someone, and I had a heart-to-heart connection with them. And my relationships began to change on that level.”

When Jane stopped drinking 20 years ago, her life completely changed. Now strong and free, she’s helping to empower other women to make incredible changes in their lives.

My mind was a whir after our fascinating chat about self worth, self trust, reliability, showing up in our lives 100%, and our ability to self soothe – and what part they all have to play in our ultimate happiness. Because happiness really is an inside job…

“It’s about removing those things that separate us from who we really are, deep down. Deep down, we are all perfect, loving, loveable beings. It’s just that we’ve gotta’ get through layers of crap in order to find it. And meditation is just one of the ways that enables us to do that – to connect with who we truly are. And once you can discover your true radiance and magnificence, why would you want to drink?”


After taking a break from work for 2 years to address a major health condition, Jane is now a Meditation Teacher, Blogger and Health Coach in training. Formerly, Jane was a successful, busy and stressed Commercial Barrister. Jane began meditating 10 years ago, and now teaches other professionals how to take time in their day to just be. Her wellness business, Essentially Being, shares reflections on healing, uplifting quotes and up to date information on meditation and health.

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Jane Treleaven

Sexy Sobriety Interview with Jane Treleaven

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