When we filmed this interview, Jenna was only “fifty-three days in, and I feel like a totally different person.”

I could completely relate. Something magical happens when you draw that line in the sand. The line that says I’m not going to drink or live like this anymore; that I’m worth more.

Suddenly you realise that you are in the drivers seat of your own life. You get to create your own health and happiness. You get to walk away from the endless cycle of juice cleanses, dieting and drinking.

Jenna Soard is a firecracker. Living the life of a foodie and wine connoisseur, Jenna finally admitted to herself that she was miserable. Determined not to let it beat her, she channeled her many passions and talents into creating a better life for herself. A life bursting with action and adventure…

“If you’re drinking and it’s making you feel terrible and you’re still doing it anyway… it’s a problem…
I had an epiphany that I didn’t want to live a life of being numb or having no memories, and I didn’t want to lose everything I’d worked so hard for…
And something that I discovered – and this is so exciting – if I’m not drinking, I’m not overeating. So I’m losing weight now. I’m very healthy. I’m not craving a bunch of shitty food, because my blood sugar’s not all messed up.”


Jenna Soard is a design fanatic, branding expert and recently inspired blogger.  She loves traveling, high-fivin’ strangers on the street, Instagramin’ her adventures, and finding crazy street art for inspiration.  Jenna teaches entrepreneurs how to create their very own logo, business card and website in 30 days.

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Jenna Soard

Sexy Sobriety Interview with Jenna Soard

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