When I think back to the start of 2014, when I was trying to develop a soulful biz whilst also downing several bottles of wine per week, I wonder what on Earth I was thinking.

Well, truthfully, I know what I was thinking:  I can do it all, I’m Superwoman! The wine is actually helping me! It soothes my stress; it boosts my creativity. It doesn’t slow me down. Honest…

Oh, denial. You kidder.

Like Johannah, sobriety allowed me to (finally!) grow up and become the woman I was meant to be. And when it comes to building a soulful biz, the increased clarity, creativity, and productivity is it’s own reward. When you love your work as much as Johannah and I do, it means everything.

When Johannah stopped drinking 12 years ago, her life completely changed. Join us as we talk long-term sobriety, love, men, growth, changing direction, and chasing down your dreams…

“[Sobriety] enabled me to grow up and to really gain some more life skills. It was an evolution. But I had to grow up in order to realise that there was a big wide world out there, and also that great things could happen to you.

Because I’d always thought it, but I thought that it happened in the bottle. Or in a fancy restaurant drinking fancy champagne. I didn’t realise that you need to take one little step here and there, to create those big dreams. And that they’re possible for everybody.”


Johannah Barton lives in Bayside Melbourne with her husband and two young sons. She is the owner and founder of Confetti Design, designing beautiful websites and providing business and marketing coaching for women in small business. “I love my clients and my business. The satisfaction I gain in supporting women to reach their business goals is beyond words.” 

Find Johannah at  Confetti Design :: Facebook :: Google+ :: Instagram :: LinkedIn

Johannah Barton

Sexy Sobriety Interview with Johannah Barton

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