I remember when one of my biggest fears about sobriety was that I’d never have fun, ever again. My fear kept me trapped, endlessly looking to the bottom of the bottle to try to find my bliss.

I sure as hell wasn’t ready to stop drinking. But I was ready to start feeling better.

Little did I know there was a whole movement of kick-ass babes out there, making their dreams come true without a drink in their hand.

Sarah Yost made the brave decision to walk away from her destructive relationship with alcohol at the tender age of just 17. Since then she’s discovered who she really is and created a life that feels “like coming home”…

“I started to go through this process of learning who I really was, and for a little while I was really afraid… especially being a young woman, I was afraid that I wouldn’t have any personality left… that I wouldn’t have anything to talk to anybody about. That I would just be this boring old lady, at eighteen.
And so, that was really scary, but while that fear was going on, I also just began to learn who I really was… and by learning who I really was, I got the benefit that I got from alcohol, but I got it in a sustaining and healthy way.”


Sarah is a life coach, writer and teacher. She works with creative and soulful people who crave more of that in their lives, showing them that the “secret” to a good life is fully embracing exactly who you’re supposed to be – with a healthy dose of good sex, deep laughter and purposeful living.  

Find Sarah at SarahWagnerYost.com :: Facebook :: Twitter

Sarah Wagner Yost

Sexy Sobriety Interview with Sarah Yost

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