Do you ever have a single glass of wine and feel just that little bit less enthusiastic the next day?

Your creativity doesn’t flow… You feel cranky with everyone around you… Stuff you usually breeze through feels really freakin’ hard

When I was trying to cut down, I noticed that even one glass of wine had an effect on me the next morning. My heart just didn’t sing the way it does now. If anything, it made me crave more wine just to get me back up to ‘normal’.

It was such a pleasure talking to Sazzu Hope about the effect drinking has on our energy. As a Success Coach, Sazzu works with her clients every day to clear the toxins in their lives so that they can truly shine. Having recently stopped drinking herself, she shared some incredible insights into how sobriety can help us to reach our full potential.

“[When you drink] you can’t really experience your feelings all the way. So you’re not experiencing your growth all the way. Because you can only grow by actually having the full experience. If you only have half of the experience, [and] the other half of the experience is numb, then how can you really grow?
So that means that, for a lot of women in these situations, the lessons that they’re meant to learn in certain circumstances are repeated over and over and over. Because they’re not getting what they need…”


Sazzu Hope is the Intuitive Body & Lifestyle Transformation Expert to Women Entrepreneurs wishing to move past their blocks and make more money in their passion & purpose-filled businesses so they can live the fabulous, freedom-based lifestyle they always wanted. Her in-depth study of Intuition and Universal Law plus business mentorship with industry experts have led her to become a top resource to women who are ready to play BIG, unapologetically!  

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Sexy Sobriety Interview with Sazzu Hope

Sexy Sobriety Interview with Sazzu Hope

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