Need pep talks? You got ’em. Check out the huge range of audio topics waiting for you inside:

::  “Ninety days?! Are you crazy?!”   – What to say to people, and how to engage their support.

::  Sober treats and rewards – what they are, how many you need, and why they’re so essential.

::  Endorphins – how they help, and how to find movement you love, especially if you’re not the gym bunny type.

::  The secrets athletes and entrepreneurs know about visualisation – and what on Earth that has to do with your sexy sobriety.

::  Clutter – how it impacts your insides and head space (causing you to drink more).

::  ‘Wine O’Clock’ – how to get through it without losing your mind (including savvy tips and tricks from our members and contributors).

::  Triggers – how to work out what yours are, so you can overcome them (for good!).

Sexy Sobriety Pep Talks

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