My love secured us a heavenly upgrade on our flight to Melbourne, and as I thanked him (and our lucky stars!) naturally the first thing the steward asked us was, “Would you like a glass of champagne?”

It was my first time sitting up front of the plane, and for a split second I felt like I was missing out on a ‘glamorous life-first moment’.

And then I remembered… that there’s absolutely nothing glamorous about a temporary, artificial high – or getting a headache later in the flight – or snapping at your love as you disembark because you’re feeling dehydrated and cranky.

But chilling out with a great book and leaving the plane well rested and ready to record a ton of new interviews and activities for the new series? Now that’s some glamorous stuff!

So many beautiful souls ask me:

“But what about that fancy function I have to go to – what will people think if I’m not drinking?”
“What about the all-inclusive Club Med holiday I’ve already paid for?”
“What if my boyfriend proposes – what will I do on my wedding day?”

And my answer to them is this: you will choose YOU over trying to fit in. You will remember that passion and purpose are a hell of a lot sexier than the so-called ‘glamour’ of boozing. And you will choose truth, integrity, and real, lasting love – the kind that starts within and radiates outwards. ❤x


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