Bianca’s story started out like so many of ours. Drinking was just a bit of fun – just a bit of Dutch Courage to get us through our awkward years. But what happens when we find ourselves in our 30s, still using alcohol as a way to connect with people? What does that do for our self esteem?

“Because I really didn’t have much confidence, and I’ll be totally honest with you – I just wanted to be liked. And I wasn’t really sure if who I was, deep down, was enough to make people like me. So I had to create some kind of boozey alter-ego instead.

Oh, and I loved being her. She was blissful, conscious ignorance! I could drink, have fun, laugh, dance, get rowdy, and I didn’t have to think about anything that was really going on in my life…”

Bianca MacLachlan has since channeled her life lessons into a beautiful passion for helping others. Hers is a magical story of self-discovery, uncovering who she really is, and finding her true purpose in this life.

“My relationship with my husband has grown deeper, and together we’re planning future goals that I would never have dreamed of before. I can see this path in front of me and there it is – my dreams turning into reality.

It’s really hard to pick the best thing about sobriety, because there are so many good things. But here are my top three…”


Bianca MacLachlan is a certified holistic health coach, personal trainer, devoted yoga teacher-in-training and avid blogger. She mentors women who are feeling the call to change their unhealthy lifestyle by moving them out of the darkness and into the bright light of their own true vitality.  

Find Bianca at Vitality Health Coaching :: Facebook :: Instagram :: Twitter


Sexy Sobriety Story - Bianca MacLachlan

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