Megan’s relationship with alcohol started out like so many of ours. Drinking was a way to cut loose; to feel rebellious and carefree. But what happens when the fun turns into panic attacks? And what does that do to our sense of self?

“I thought alcohol made me a better person: more outgoing, funnier, sexier. In truth, alcohol had become my social crutch. I couldn’t be myself without it because I’d lost myself. I didn’t know who I was or where I was going.”

Megan Gogoll has since channeled her life lessons into a beautiful passion for helping others. Hers is a magical story of self-discovery and finding her true purpose in this life.

“Waking up every morning bright-eyed and ready to bring on some serious social change in this world is a pretty damn good feeling. No more hangovers. No more days wasted feeling sick and sorry for myself. Life is a pretty spectacular ride and I am SO on board.”


Megan is a Holistic Health Coach and Writer. She has a background in Psychology and Humanitarian work and is passionate about helping people reach their highest potential. Megan’s mission is to work with gorgeous souls who are ready to uncover their truest selves and reveal their radiant inner diamond to the world.

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