As a teenager, Sheena Wilson hated being shy and awkward around new people. When she discovered that alcohol could magically transform her into the confident and outgoing girl she longed to be, she fell in love with drinking. But what happens to our sense of self when we resort to drowning it?

“One morning, I was laying in bed (not hungover) and I started thinking: ‘What happened to all the dreams I had? How will I do any of the things I want to do in the future if I keep partying like I am? What will my future be like? I don’t spend much time doing anything I REALLY love. I don’t even know what I love to do anymore.’”

Sheena quickly pulled the handbrake and steered her life into a beautiful new direction. One where she feels inspired, fulfilled, and excited about the future…

“Since giving it up, I have been able to make conscious choices about what I want to do with my life. I have been able to face challenges with a clear head… I have made decisions that have transformed my life and that I would never have made if I kept drinking… I have always known I wanted to run my own company and work for myself. I’m working on creating this now… Every time I think about my decision to stop, I am grateful. Even when it was hard, it was worth it.”


Sheena Wilson is the founder and editor of Rocket Magazine, where she shares and curates her passion for being compassionate and adventurous, sustainable style and living, veganism and travel. “The world is my home and I aim to see all of it in my lifetime.”

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Sexy Sobriety Story - Sheena Wilson

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