Hi gorgeous,

I’m beyond thrilled to be writing you this love note – the very first from Sexy Sobriety HQ – and on a Friday, no less.

Fridays, more than any other day, were my trigger. To me they meant cutting loose or relaxation, to the extreme. If I was out with friends, I didn’t want the good times to end, and drank until they did. If I was at home, I’d sink into the couch with ‘just one’ glass of wine, which almost always became an empty bottle (okay, sometimes two).

If you haven’t already, you can read more of my story below.

Fridays now stand for so much more. Each one shimmers with delicious freedom and potential (plus, hello, happy and productive Saturday mornings!).

The Universe works in mysterious ways, no?

Throughout my years of blogging at Vegan Sparkles I’ve been fortunate enough to meet a ton of talented creatives. I’m so excited to now be pulling together an incredible team to bring my vision of Sexy Sobriety to life. My intention is to create more than just the best possible website, program and resource for you – it’s to start a movement.

Because you know what’s more glamorous than champagne and cocktails?  Self-worth, empowerment, creativity, connection, and soul.

Here’s to an incredible new adventure. Thank you for being part of it. I can’t wait to share more with you soon!

All my love,

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