When we were invited to Sydney to film with one of the largest television networks in the country, I must admit, I was scared.

Would they handle the topic with care? Would I be able to articulate my story and its meaning under pressure, or would I fail spectacularly during the interviews? Would the topic even speak to their viewers? ⠀

In the end, knowing that it was an incredible opportunity to reach and help more women than ever before, I put on my big girl pants and boarded that plane.⠀

And as we flew home, I thought about what so many of my teachers and mentors say:

“It’s not about your goal/dream/desire. It’s about who you need to become in order to realise your dream.”

And I finally began to understand what that really means.⠀

When my dream was to be free of my emotional addiction to drinking, I needed to become a woman who prioritised self-care; who believed she was worthy of taking care of herself. ⠀

When my dream was to publish my story in order to help other women to free themselves too, I needed to become a woman who was committed to actually sitting her butt in the writing chair for hours on end, every single day, even when the task seemed overwhelming.⠀

And when my dream was to share my message via the biggest platform I’d encountered so far, I needed to become a woman who could trust that she was being guided and supported by the Universe. A woman who could let go of her comfort zone and her long-held limiting beliefs, and find the courage to rise to the challenge, and really walk her talk.⠀

My dreams were never just going to happen, all by themselves. I needed to grow, and evolve, and meet them half-way. ⠀

Because we weren’t born to stay small, angel. We were created to become all we are meant to be. To stretch, to do things for the first time, and to reach our beautiful potential. To follow our hearts, always, even when it’s scary. ⠀

We were created to find and shine our magnificent light.

With love,
Bex x​

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:: The television story aired on Sunday night. You can catch the replay here.

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