Earlier this year, I had the honour of being Lee Davy’s guest on The Alcohol & Addiction Podcast. During our interview, we got to chatting about what happens when one partner in a relationship stops drinking and the other doesn’t.

It’s a topic that comes up time and again with our Sexy Sobriety members, and although I usually interview exclusively women, the more Lee opened up about what happened in his previous relationship, the more I knew I wanted to bring you a special interview with the man himself.

“When I quit drinking, I spent the next year of my life trying to change my wife. Imagine what that was like for her, knowing deep down, that her husband wanted her to be someone else. That is a horrific experience to go through.”

In 2010, Lee Davy quit alcohol to save his marriage. It didn’t work. His wife asked for a divorce. He reluctantly obliged. He tucked his 9-year-old son into bed for the last time. He gave everything he possessed to a friend, and moved into his mother’s spare room.

Lee’s darkest hour called him to redefine himself and his life. He quit his 19-year career in the rail industry, travelled around the world, cleaned out £30,000 in debt, overcame sugar and gambling addictions, became vegan, joined the Effective Altruism movement, and fell in love again.

Deeply inspired by everything he learnt along the way, Lee created The Needy Helper to help other people quit alcohol.

“It’s easy to quit alcohol, the hardest part is staying quit. What do you do, once you’ve quit? That’s what we want to work on now. Unravelling your old story, learning from it, and creating a new one.”

Join us as we talk transformation, allowing ourselves to be who we truly are, and the process of rebuilding our relationships with people and the world around us…

“That’s what’s so beautiful about sobriety, is your friends change, but they change in a really good way. You can still have relationships with those people you were drinking with, but you’ll generally find that your life is completely different.”


Resources mentioned in this interview:

::  The Alcohol & Addiction Podcast
::  The Needy Helper Hub
::  Lee Davy’s book:  Needy Helper 2015 Diary Excerpts
::  Allen Carr’s book:  The Easy Way to Stop Drinking
::  Jack Canfield’s book:  The Success Principles
::  Don Miguel Ruiz’s book:  The Four Agreements
::  Lee’s blog post:  10 Reasons Your Marriage Fails After You Quit Drinking Alcohol


Lee Davy is the creator of Needy Helper, host of The Alcohol & Addiction Podcast, an effective altruist, and author of Needy Helper 2015 Diary Excerpts. As a Transformational Coach, Lee helps people better themselves by coaching them to recreate their life story into one they are passionate about living. His platforms are used to motivate, inspire and educate to support people gain self-confidence and guide back to their authenticity.  

Find Lee at  Needy Helper :: The Alcohol & Addiction Podcast :: The Needy Helper Hub :: Instagram :: Facebook :: Twitter

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