Finding something you’re passionate about can be a huge part of transforming your life and happily kissing goodbye to alcohol.

You might remember the gorgeous Megan Gogoll sharing her story with us just a few months after she stopped drinking. Back then, her intention was to stop drinking for one year to raise money for a beautiful charity.

But something magical happened along the way. With drinking out of the picture, Megan had a ton of energy and focus to pour into following her passions.

And when she reached her intended one-year mark?  Megan found she didn’t want to go back.

Now joyfully living her dream, she’s helping to empower other women to do the same. Join us as we talk passion, creativity, relationships, and the ripple effect…

“The best thing [about sobriety] is just having the time and the clarity to go for what you want in life. It’s amazing, you know, I used to get really down about it. I used to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, because I was drinking and I was hitting 30, and I was thinking: what have I done with my life?
But then within the next 2 years, I’ve done so much. And once you get rid of [alcohol], the world’s your oyster. Just chase down your big, bad dreams and anything’s possible!”


Megan is a Holistic Health Coach and Writer. She has a background in Psychology and Humanitarian work and is passionate about helping people reach their highest potential. Megan’s mission is to work with gorgeous souls who are ready to uncover their truest selves and reveal their radiant inner diamond to the world.

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Sexy Sobriety Interview with Megan Gogoll

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