September 2019

It still doesn’t feel real. This week Dom and I celebrated our 6th anniversary of leaving the corporate world – PLUS reaching more than 70,000 beautiful readers around the world through our book!

Whaaaat!  70,000 books!!

Six years ago, both of these milestones would have been as mind-blowing to me as they are now… and yet, here we are.

Every single day of these past six years has challenged us to learn and grow in more ways than I ever dreamed possible. Working for ourselves has been all at once exciting, awe-inspiring, and utterly terrifying. I remember feeling so overwhelmed and frustrated whenever I couldn’t figure out why certain things didn’t work or what the next step should be.

It’s only when I look back now that I can see why I needed to go through all of those experiences. The failures and setbacks were just as crucial to my personal development as the successes.

I couldn’t help people the way I am now as the person I was six years ago.

It was all necessary; every bit of it.

My point is that good things (like growth, change, and sobriety) – they all take time, hon.

I know. It’s so tempting to want to fast-forward – to skip over all the messy, painful parts and get to the good stuff.

But it’s this slow, beautiful journey that changes us on the deepest level.

Every challenging moment – every single time we feel like we’re moving two steps forward and one step back – we’re learning, growing, and becoming all we are meant to be.

Don’t give up before the magic happens. I believe in you. x


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