In her bestselling memoir, A Happier Hour, Rebecca Weller shares her story of embracing an alcohol-free life with a steely determination to reach her true potential.

But as she celebrates her second year of sobriety, she’s challenged to determine what that really means. With hangovers no longer holding her back – with eyes wide open and nowhere to hide – can she find the courage to overcome her biggest fear?

She’s about to discover that her hard-won sober status will only take her so far. What comes next is up to her.

Up All Day is a soul-stirring story for anyone who has ever had to conquer themselves in order to conquer their dreams. Because the largest battle we’ll ever face in reaching our creative potential, is the one that takes place inside of all of us.


About the Author

Rebecca Weller is a Coach, Author, and Speaker. Named ‘one of Perth’s leading Health-preneurs’ by The Sunday Times Magazine, Rebecca runs Sexy Sobriety, a source of inspiration and empowerment for women from around the globe.

Author of the bestselling memoir, A Happier Hour, and the long-awaited follow-up memoir, Up All Day, Rebecca writes about love, life, and the strength and potential of the human spirit. Her work has been featured by the Telstra Business Awards, The Australian, The Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, SBS Food, Good Health Magazine, Marie Claire Australia, and Elle Quebec.

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Sexy Sobriety is closing after 9 amazing years!

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