Preview: Sharon Otness’ Story

Sharon Otness was a creative spirit, a normal, devoted wife and mother, when heartbreak over her sister's death, and finding herself stuck in a marriage that was no longer working, brought her to her knees. "I woke up in the early evening to the sound of the bedroom...

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Preview: Interview with Bianca MacLachlan

Happy news! It’s Bianca MacLachlan’s 18 month soberversary!
You might remember Bianca from her beautiful guest story on Day 64. Well, she’s back – happier and healthier than ever – to share with us what she’s learnt on this incredible journey.

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Preview: Coaching Call – The Five Elements

Hi beautiful!
Here’s a snippet from one of our recent Live Coaching Calls, ‘The Five Elements’.
“In order to rebuild, you need a strong foundation. I’ve encountered five elements in particular that make for fun, sexy and successful long-term sobriety.”

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Preview: Interview with Sheree Clark

When Sheree decided to take a break from drinking more than a year ago, she never intended it to be ‘forever’. Like so many of us, she suspected that alcohol was taking away from her life more than it was adding to it.

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Preview: Interview with Amy Pearson

I had the honour recently of interviewing Amy Pearson from Live Brazen. Amy’s a specialist in approval addiction, and one of the things she shared with me was a powerful tool she uses with her clients.

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Preview: Interview with Meg O’Sullivan

As you know, I’m a huge believer in not just putting down the glass, but upgrading our entire lives so that alcohol no longer offers anything that we don’t already have. To me, that means inviting more joy into our lives.

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