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1000 Days

Today, my friend, I celebrate 1000 days alcohol-free.  One thousand! 🎉 Generally I don't count days anymore, but when I saw a beautiful soul share a milestone like this on her page a couple of weeks ago, I got curious about where I was,...

Taking That Scary Next Step

When we were invited to Sydney to film with one of the largest television networks in the country, I must admit, I was scared. Would they handle the topic with care? Would I be able to articulate my story and its meaning under pressure, or...

On Choosing Love When It Feels Impossible

It feels surreal to be telling you this, but I actually started writing this post to you from my hotel room overlooking the Sydney Harbour this morning. I'd just finished dialling in to a conference call with The Institute for Integrative...

Pep Talks

Need pep talks? You got ’em. Check out the huge range of audio topics waiting for you inside:

Preview: Interview with Jolene Park

Oh boy, did this interview completely re-inspire me when it comes to taking care of my body and mind!
Jolene Park’s interest in holistic recovery began when she stopped using alcohol as a way to self-medicate her own anxiety.

Preview: Interview with Kirsten Johnson

Seven years ago, Kirsten was working as a Data Analyst for a start-up in San Francisco. Suffering from a range of anxiety disorders, she found herself increasingly self-medicating with alcohol.

Preview: Interview with Gretchen Hoechner

Gretchen’s story is one I’ve become so familiar with as I interview more incredible women like her, and welcome more members from around the globe to Sexy Sobriety.
So many of us found that we struggled with people pleasing, approval addiction, over-exercising, eating disorders, anxiety, and depression, before we even had the chance to pick up our first drink.

Preview: Interview with Maya Henry

No sooner had we recorded this interview with one of Sexy Sobriety‘s very first Members, Maya Henry, than I came across this passage in Brené Brown’s new book, Rising Strong:
“We can’t selectively numb emotions – when we numb the dark, we also numb the light…”

Preview: Sharon Otness’ Story

Sharon Otness was a creative spirit, a normal, devoted wife and mother, when heartbreak over her sister's death, and finding herself stuck in a marriage that was no longer working, brought her to her knees. "I woke up in the early evening to...

Preview: Interview with Bianca MacLachlan

Happy news! It’s Bianca MacLachlan’s 18 month soberversary!
You might remember Bianca from her beautiful guest story on Day 64. Well, she’s back – happier and healthier than ever – to share with us what she’s learnt on this incredible journey.

Preview: Coaching Call – The Five Elements

Hi beautiful!
Here’s a snippet from one of our recent Live Coaching Calls, ‘The Five Elements’.
“In order to rebuild, you need a strong foundation. I’ve encountered five elements in particular that make for fun, sexy and successful long-term sobriety.”

Your journey starts now. Say yes to a life you love.

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